Augenblick mal! - Retrospective

Children’s and Youth Theater: A Self-Portrait

Current schedules of programming and theater programs are sent to Frankfurt am Main on a daily basis. These are also regularly supplemented by additional printed materials and media. Since the founding of the Center for Children’s and Youth Theater in the Federal Republic of Germany, the contemporary archive of children’s and youth theaters has been created from these submissions. Together with the other areas of the collection, the archive is used for study and teaching as well as for education and scholarly research by students and interested parties from the field and academia.
The festival for young audiences Augenblick mal! supplements this focus on contemporary children’s and youth theater in diverse ways. The documents regarding the German and international guest performances have been collected since 1991. Since 2009, all suggested productions from Germany have also been taking into consideration. This means that each year nearly one hundred German productions are documented with their print materials, photo CDs and videos of the productions themselves.
In addition, many leading personalities of children's and youth theater can be found in the photo archive of the festival. Further work with specially commissioned photos led to production photos in color. Series of portraits have been created over the years in order to give attention to the actors and/or characters and ultimately focus on the ensembles of the productions. In recent years, video clips have replaced the photo series. Basic information on 140 German guest performances over the last 25 years can be found online at