Der kleine Angsthase

The Scared Little Bunny

D'haus – Junges Schauspiel, Düsseldorf Surtitels in English


Inspired by the Book of the Same Name by Elizabeth Shaw
Direction Martin Grünheit
Stage & Costume Design Imke Paulick
Music Frieder Hepting
Lighting Design Daniel Rautenberg
Dramaturgy Judith Weißenborn
Theater Education Matin Soofipour
With Julia Goldberg, Paul Jumin Hoffmann, Selin Dörtkardeş, Lorenz Brückner (piano)

Age 8 years and older
Duration 60 minutes

Time & Location

  • 05/11/19 11:00 am
    Sophiensæle / Kantine
  • 05/11/19 4:00 pm
    Sophiensæle / Kantine
  • 05/12/19 3:00 pm
    Sophiensæle / Kantine

The scared little bunny spends most of his time being scared: of dogs, of robbers, of the dark, of water and especially of foxes. After all, like the sweet, scared bunny grandma say, the fox is a stranger and has no business hanging around the rabbit neighbourhood of Heidenaue. When little Ulli comes to Heidenaue, the scared little bunny has so much fun playing that he almost forgets to be afraid. But Grandma and the Big Boss Bunny on TV make sure that he is reminded of what scares him. And when the hungry fox actually arrives, something happens that the neither the scared little bunny nor Ulli nor the fox could have expected.

Martin Grünheit studied stage design at the University of Hildesheim and theater directing at the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theater. He is a co-founder of the theater network cobratheater.cobra. Junges Schauspiel is a part of D'haus – Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. Under the artistic direction of Stefan Fischer-Fels, the ensemble and team work toward achieving an open theater. Diversity, an opening to other cultures and internationalism are criteria served in the selection of new programming, the shaping of the programming as well as the creation and realization of formats extending beyond the theater’s schedule of programming.