subbotnik in Co-Production with FFT Düsseldorf, Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim, Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln Surtitels in English


Direction & Music subbotnik (Kornelius Heidebrecht, Martin Kloepfer, Oleg Zhukov)
Assistant Direction Liljan Halfen
Production Management Liljan Halfen, Thuy-Tien Nguyen

With subbotnik (Kornelius Heidebrecht, Martin Kloepfer, Oleg Zhukov), Nadja Duesterberg, Henning Nierstenhöfer (trombone / drums), Maria Trautmann (trombone), Chorus Students of the Cecilien-Gymnasiums Düsseldorf, the Dieter-Forte-Gesamtschule Düsseldorf and the Willy-Brandt-Schule in Mülheim an der Ruhr


Age 10 years and older
Duration 80 minutes

Time & Location

  • 05/11/19 10:30 am
    GRIPS Theater / Podewil
  • 05/11/19 6:00 pm
    GRIPS Theater / Podewil
  • 05/12/19 10:30 am
    GRIPS Theater / Podewil


Supported by: The Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf, the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In order to become king, Jason must complete a superhuman task: retrieve the golden fleece protected by a dragon from the distant land of Kolchis. He sets off on his adventure with no hesitation. Together with his team, Jason conquers foreign shores, kills monsters and learns how to manipulate the feelings of the princess, Medea. His return is an antagonistic, bloody success. With a chorus of young people, subbotnik questions the idea of the hero in the myth of the Argonauts from a contemporary perspective. The core of this stage production comprises how to deal with power, the glorification of myths and the loss of ideals. subbotnik develops its own form of music theater by combining images, narration and music. Helden (Heroes) is the second part of the trilogy Götter – Helden – Stadt (Gods – Heroes – City).

The group subbotnik has created evenings of theater since 2012 that are strongly influenced by poetry and musicality. Their work draws upon all playful elements from the fields of music, performance and storytelling which allows them to create a unique style of narration. Their work has been presented at FFT Düsseldorf, Schauspiel Köln, Theater an der Ruhr, FWT Köln, Schauspiel Leipzig and at studiobühneköln.