Facing East

Discussion with the international curators


Time & Location

  • 05/08/19 4:00 pm

In dialog with curators from Poland, Russian and Ukraine, this event revolves around the question of how theater for young audiences can deal with politically volatile situations. We turn our gaze to the east, open up safe spaces for getting to know other and exchange ideas and build bridges. The curators of
the international schedule of programming of the Augenblick mal! festival invite you to converse with them in small groups. Bring your questions and your thoughts!

At the end of Facing East, all guests of the festival are invited to a small reception.

Word of Welcome: Prof. Dr. Gerd Taube
With: Iwona Nowacka, Gyuri Vidovszky, Olga Zaets
Reception: Julia Dina Heße (Board Member of ASSITEJ Germany), Stefan Fischer-Fels (Board Member of ASSITEJ Germany and of the Executive Commitee of ASSITEJ International)