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Visiting Hours Are Over junge generation Dresden In German


Direction Ariel Doron
Dramaturgy Ulrike Leßmann
Stage & Costume Design Grit Dora von Zeschau
Mask Design Susann Kotte
Puppetry Assistance Mai Aylon

Puppetry Patrick Borck, Viviane Podlich, Ulrike Schuster, Daniil Shchapov, Uwe Steinbach, Tanja Wehling

Age 16 years and older
Duration 70 minutes

Time & Location

  • 05/09/19 8:00 pm
    THEATER STRAHL / Halle Ostkreuz
  • 05/10/19 5:00 pm
    THEATER STRAHL / Halle Ostkreuz
  • 05/10/19 11:00 am
    THEATER STRAHL / Halle Ostkreuz

Executions, murders, electrocutions: human beings have always claimed the right to demand the death of another human being, to revoke another’s right to exist, to enforce a death sentence. Under the direction of the Israeli director Ariel Doron, the puppet theater ensemble of tjg.junge generation Dresden poses no less for debate than killing in its arbitrariness, randomness and simultaneous inevitability: the puppeteers have prepared something, open up the door and invite the audience in. To visit the darkest corners of human nature, places we never want to see and don’t even want to know exist. The audience members are never released from their responsibility. They are constantly part of the situation, called upon to provide judgment, serving as the silent masses or as voyeuristic observers.

The puppeteer and director Ariel Doron studied figure theater at the School of Visual Theatre Jerusalem as well as film at the University of Tel Aviv and is now regarded as one of the most popular puppeteers in his country of origin. He has been invited to festivals around the world with his solo performance Plastic Heroes. Ariel Doron lives and works in Dresden and Berlin and directs at junge generation Dresden, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and Schauburg München, amongst other theaters.