Mädchen wie die

Girls Like That – A play in spoken and sign language for hearing and deaf people

Junges Schauspiel Hannover Surtitels in English


Text Evan Placey in the translation by Frank Weigand
Direction Wera Mahne
Stage & Costume Design Anna Siegrot
Video Declan Hurley
Dramaturgy Janny Fuchs
Assistant Direction Lena Iversen
Assistant Stage Design Milena Kubicka
Assistant Costume Design Hanna Peter
Prompting by Marit Pesch
Interns Charlotte Fellner (Stage & Costume), Ben Minnerup (Directing)

With Pia Katharina Jendreizik, Elena Schmidt, Kassandra Wedel, Dennis Pörtner


Age 13 years and older
Duration 120 minutes

Time & Location

  • 05/07/19 8:00 pm
    THEATER STRAHL.Halle Ostkreuz
  • 05/08/19 10:00 am
    THEATER STRAHL.Halle Ostkreuz
  • 05/08/19 4:30 pm
    THEATER STRAHL.Halle Ostkreuz


With the friendly support of: Cochlear, Hörregion Hannover, Stiftung Niedersächsische Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, Hannoversche Volksbank
The subtitling of the production was conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Translation Studies and Technical Communication of the University of Hildesheim.

Simplified Language

Scarlett likes a boy.

The boy has a picture of Scarlett. Scarlett is naked in the picture.

Everyone saw the picture on their smartphones.

Scarlett has problems at school.

The other girls insult her. They say:

“Scarlett, you slut!”

Scarlett will not put up with it.

Evan Placey wrote the play.

It is about power, love and cyber bullying.

Both deaf and hearing actors perform in the play.

Both sign language and spoken language are used.

Everyone is welcome.

Three minutes later, everyone in school has it – a naked picture of Scarlett, sent by her ex-boyfriend, Russell. What a slut! This never would have happened to anyone else. Scarlett is avoided, insulted and forced into a corner until she simply disappears. Changing schools doesn’t help Scarlett at all; once the picture pops up at the new school, there is no going back. After all, girls like her are a disgrace to the entire group! Evan Placey writes unsparingly about power relationships and the dynamics of violence. He writes about a phenomenon which has become an everyday experience for many young people: cyber bullying. In doing so, he compares the group of girls with three women from the 20th century who strongly and self-confidently exploded the boundaries of their community.

Wera Mahne studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice at the University of Hildesheim as well as at the Porto Academy of Dramatic Arts (ESMAE). Amongst other theaters, she has worked at Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, FFT Düsseldorf, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and Schauspiel Hannover. Wera Mahne regularly leads artistic workshops on current topics from the fields of politics and society. She is a member of the mix-abled collective dorisdean and KLUB KIRSCHROT. She received the Förderpreis für Darstellende Kunst (early career artist award in the performing arts) from the state capital of Dusseldorf.